Pregnant mother kicked on the stomach by a fake prophet (Watch Video)

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When we thought we have seen it all, a video of a lady being kicked on the stomach by a pastor. Has gone viral on social media it is alleged that the pastor did this in the name of demons. He told the woman that she is being used by evil spirits and the only way to remove such is to kick them out.

On the video the pastor is praying in tongues, while using his sharp shoe to kick the stomach of a poor woman. Reason behind this comes after she struggled to go on periods. Instead of being told to visit the doctor pastor told her a different story claiming that evil spirits are using her.

This video caught the eye of the public, after people realize that these days people are being told lies by fake prophets. A lady is seen suffering kicks in the stomach all because of belief. Could this mean! He world is coming to an end, leave your comments below and share the article.

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