17 Students of Mugoiri Girls Sent Home after Being Found Serving Special Meal Twice

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Several boarding schools in the country have their own menus in which the students are served with various meals, with some schools having special menus on Special days.

Some schools Special menus usually entails of ugali, cabbage and some beef which attracts some students to serve twice if they are not full with the first meal served.

According to reliable reports, seventeen (17) form one students of Mugoiri Girls High School in Murang’a have been sent home after being found serving special meal twice (mraundo) and ordered to bring back their parents, plus ten thousand shillings.

The reports claim that the 17 students went for another round of the meal which made other students miss out on the food thus getting them in trouble.

"17 form one girls in Mugoiri Girls High School, Muranga sent home after they were found to have gone for the second serving of the special meal offered on Sundays.

The students were advised to be accompanied back to school by their parents and Sh.10,550 to cater for food for the whole school." The reports stated.

Is this the right thing?

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