Kenyan celebrities you did not know were siblings

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1.Kanze Dena and Elsie Stephen

Kanze Dena is known for her successful career a Swahili news broadcaster.Currently Kanze Dena is the state house spokes person.Kanze Dena is the elder sister to Elsie Stephen.Elsie Stephen is an upcoming model who is gaining popularity amongst her peersi

2.Tina Kagia and DNA

Dennis Kagia popularly known as DNA is an household name popularly known for his hit songs 'Banjuka' and 'Maswali ya polisi' .DNA is the elder brother to Tina Kagia

3.Daddy Owen and Rufftone

Owen Mbatia popularly known as Daddy Owen and Rufftone are brothers.They are both gospel artists and release and their songs are received by different sub sets.

4.Holy Dave and Joey Muthengi

David Muthengi popularly known as Holy Dave is the brother to Joey Muthengi.Holy Dave is a gospel artist.They both worked as presenters in Citizen tv but hosting different shows.Joey Muthengi formerly hosted the 10/10 show and power breakfast show.

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