Zodwa Wanantu took a huge decision| find out

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Zodwa Wanantu is a South African dancer, entertainers and club host. She gets booked at clubs and events to dance for fans. However her ways of dancing are not usual , because not like anyone she doesn't have a specific costume. And her dances are rare and shes the only one who does that in a country. Hence she has so much followers. However zodwa wa bantu has no luck in relationships, and yet again she dates small boys . They further leave her after getting what they wanted in the relationship, which Is money mostly. Zodwa now has another boyfriend and she made a tattoo of his name of her wrist. However people can not stop telling her that whatever happened with her passed relationships will happen again. Likewise zodwa does not care about what people are saying, she is just happily inlove and she is embracing it effortlessly.

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