Friday Morning: Say This Powerful Prayer To Start Up Your Day With God's Blessings And Protection

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Heavenly Father I thank you this morning for gift of life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see another brand new day. I praise your holy name and I shall forever serve you till the end of time. Thank you lord for your kindness and eternal blessing. I magnify your holy name forever and ever, Amen.

O, God my lord, forgive me in every way I have sin against you and give me the grace to overcome every temptation. Cleanse me from my iniquities and purify me once again. Make me worthy to stand in your presence and keep me from every thing that lead me into sin. Listen to my cry when I call you on and do not forsake. Amen

As I step out today, Guide and protect me, deliver me from ever evil. Do not let me to fall a prey to the wicked. Fill me up with your blessings. Whatever I laid my hand shall progress. Do not let me to labor in vein. In the end, cover me and protect me so that I will go out today and return home safely in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

This prayer is strong. Make sure you say Amen. Also like and share.

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