Bill Gates message to unemployed youth - see what he said

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Alot of people go to the tertiary school, complete and do not get employed ,go to several interviews and are turned down at the end of the day ,they sometimes quit and some even engage in illegal activities. Most of them put the blame on the government, forgetting that the school never helped them.

Now today am going we are going to end the employment trend in the country after reading this article. To first target unemployment, one must first know these things

1. Agenda

2.. Appearance


5. Creativity

6. Language


There are more to these but here are a few am going to target today


You must have an agenda before going to the university or Shs ,going for an interview, getting the job and lasting in the job. If you have an agenda or know where you would like to be before going to the SHS or University ,you would connect yourself with those who have the right link,before going for the interview, you must put in your mind 'I must get the job' with this mentality you would prepare yourself enough and after this when you get the job, calculate your salary and do save for unforeseen circumstances like planning to establish your own side business in case you service is no longer needed in the institution. To maintain the job you have to adhere you the rules of the firm and know what to say and not say and whom yo disclose your secrets to .


This is not only to dressing, but sense of humour, gestures and others .These things are looked at in every interview, promotion and maintaining someone in the firm when there is the need to sack some people when the business is in a financial crisis.


This is very important, you get to hear of other better job opportunities with high income even when it is not made public .


The speed at which you use in completing tasks given ,you finishing and how innovative you are ,will make others recommend you to others ,so you could get employed.


The way you can convince people to see why they would be the people losing if they don't employ you,your smile when talking and many more.


As the Sun rises and appears, there are changes and corrections made in all aspects of human life. So when looking for a job and you are turned down everytime.Try to other course ,improve you certificate and other.

This was what Bill told one unemployment youth that approached him.

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