11 Businesses You Can Start And Make Profit In Daily


Business can make you earn extra money as a teacher, worker, or unemployed graduate, it is very risky to depend on one source of income. Below is a list of 15 businesses that can earn you money daily.

1. Distributor Of Monthly Magazine

The magazine business is highly profitable, you can buy the different magazines, take them to offices and homes, you will get different people who love to read them but can't get them easily, it is a profitable business.

2. Prepare and package Fresh Fruits.

Packaging fresh fruits to sell is a lucrative business, many people are already into backed and fried foods so many people reach out to get fresh fruits whenever they see one because fruits contain vitamins. If you can get different varieties of fruits like carrot, watermelon, pineapple, pawpaw, etc, cut and package it neatly, many people will patronize you.

3. Selling Agro Products.

This is one of the best businesses you can go into, you can source foodstuff in village markets or get it at a cheap price from farmers, take it to the cities and you will sell and make huge profits.

4. Wholesale Business.

This business involves buying in bulk, then you sell to retailers in small quantities, if you negotiate well, you will get huge profits from this business, many retailers want to make a profit even if it is the smallest unit, so if you can sell to them in a good offer, they will always patronize you. Think of commodities like; Foodstuffs, fruits, soaps, provision, recharge cards, etc. 

5.Cake Making and Baking.

If you are a professional in cake making, print out hand ills, drop them in supermarkets, cars, eateries so that people can contact you.

6. Firewood/ Charcoal business.

Considering the high price of gas and kerosine, you will know that people want an alternative that will be cost-effective. You can order charcoal from different distributors then you supply to retailers and wholesalers.

7. Selling Plantain Chips.

Many people are interested in the food business because it is important for one's survival, so get a space and start to package yours in a unique way.

8.Laundry Service.

This business is very profitable if you love to wash and iron clothes, then this business would be good For you, it requires little skill and you need to learn how to handle the clothes professionally.

9. Production and selling of Bar soap and Liquid Soap.

Bar and liquid soap production is a lucrative business, it can be done easily from the comfort of your home.

10.Mini Provision Business.

Many gate men take advantage of this business, they open a small provision store immediately they get the opportunity because it is highly lucrative.

11.Boutique Business.

There is a constant increase in demand for clothes, shoes, bags, etc, you don't even need a shop to start this business, you can purchase from wholesalers and then you sell to retailers.

Are you are student, worker, teacher, or unemployed graduate? Choose any of these business and start making extra income for yourself.

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