Nigerian Doctor shares Nollywood child delivery scene and it generated a lot of reactions online


Nollywood is no doubt a big entertainment industry that is known in the whole world for the quality and quantity of movies they produce. Although there are still many areas that the producers and directors in the industry are still laughing behind but there have been advancement over the years.

A lady known as Dr Viva, shared a nollywood hospital scene on her Twitter handle where a doctor was seen commanding a woman in labour to push in order to be delivered of the baby. The pregnant woman obeyed the doctor's command and immediately she pushed, the nurse was seen carrying a baby that looks unhealthy and without the umbilical chord that is typical of a new born baby.

Reacting to the video, Dr Viva said that the Nollywood producers should endeavour to pay a medical practitioner to direct some of the hospital scenes as they are projecting a bad image of Nigerian health sector and practices to the whole world.

After she shared the video, many Nigerians reacted hilariously to the video and expressed their concern on how Nollywood industry through their movies are destroying Nigerian health sector and practices in the world stage.

What do you think about this projection of bad image of Nigerian health sector and practices by Nollywood?

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