Why NOV/DEC Candidates Makes It Through The Tertiary Institutions Than WASSCE MAY/JUNE Candidates

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West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is administered to school candidates in the third year of their West African Senior School courses and to Private Candidates. The examination is for both selections to tertiary institutions and certification. The examination is conducted in May / June for school candidates only and in October/November for Private Candidates.

The following are some reasons why NOV/DEC candidates graduate successfully after their years in the various Tertiary institutions;

1. When an examination is to be taken place in a certain institution, the institution will never see its students fail but will try to render them some help. This makes these students pass and go into the Tertiary level to suffer and if care is not taken, some are expelled from the school. Whereas Novdec candidates do not get any help from a source. In doing so, they suffer to gain their respective results, so when this two category of candidates meets at the Tertiary level, definitely one will have the upper hand over the other.

2. Experience: Sometimes experience can change situations of people in the community. It is therefore advisable for students to try their hands on an unknown activity. Most May/June Candidates do not have Wassce experience when writing. This makes them lose confidence and struggle during the examination. Novdec candidates that wrote the May/June examination have experience, so they can write and pass with genuine confidence.

3. Emotional Trauma: Have you ever failed your examination before? How did you feel? Because Novdec candidates that failed in their May/June examination has gone through emotional distress after seeing their mates go through their respective colleges, the candidates can sit down and learn very hard so that they can pass their next examination.

I sometimes hear many people condemning the writing of the Wassce Private Examination because there is a suspicion that it is very difficult but that is not so. Every determined student who took this examination passed it with flying colours. It's just a matter of your time, dedication, confidence and your little effort to push through. It's good to try your hands on the Nov/Dec examination to have Wassce experience before attempting the May/June examination.

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