These Dangers Faced By 2021 Census Officials Would Move You to Tears


The 2021 Population and Housing Census has began for more than two weeks now. Census officials have been trained for about two weeks in order to imbibe in them the necessary skills that they need to perform their duties.

Most of the officials have been posted at where they HAIL from, but others have been posted close to where they HAIL from.

Notwithstanding, no matter where you have been posted, several challenges were faced by the enumerators. A post cited on this BLOG reveals that many Census officials have faced various challenges during the enumeration period.

These are some of the pictures.

What on earth could have been their fate if this snake were to bite them? We thank God that they were able to kill it.

This is another Census official that killed another snake, and instead of being afraid of it, he held on to it, laughing.

For this motorcycle rider, his fate is different. His motor has been ditched and and he was left frustrated on a deserted road. We pray that during that time, he was met by grace.

The last is a video of the Census boss himself that went viral after he suffered a seizure that many believed to be stroke.

We thank God that he has fully recovered and in good health. We pray that what happened to him would not happen again. If you are yet to watch that video, you can watch it and more of those Dangers by clicking HERE


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