Corona Virus Vaccine and How it Will be Given out to Kenyans

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Kenyan government has managed to bring Corona Virus Vaccine to Kenya by now. The Cabinet secretary for health Mutahi Kagwe has said that the vaccine can be administered to around one million two hundred thousand people. He specified that the health workers, police officers and teachers allover the country will be the first people to receive the vaccine. It will be of great importance to Kenyans since the vaccine will help all Kenyans to fight the virus.

The health workers have said , they have not been directed sufficiently on how to administer the vaccine. It will be better if the health workers are given a direction early enough to help in administration of the vaccine. The vaccine is good news to all Kenyans and to the whole world. The pandemic has been in Kenya for one year and there has been no vaccines for it. All the health workers should actively participate in the administration of the vaccine to help all Kenyans minimise the chances of being attacked by the virus.

The government in collaboration with the ministry of health should look for more vaccine to serve all the Kenyans. All Kenyans are still advised to observe the Corona Virus protocols put in place by the Ministry of Health.