Natalie Tewa Mocks Kenya's Brand ambassador Naomi Campbell's Video To Promote Kenyan Tourism


Naomi Campbell posted a video to promote the Kenyan Tourism industry and not very many people were pleased with it, many were left quite dissatisfied with the work she did. Among the displeased citizens was social media influencer Natalie Tewa.

Natalie took to social media to rant about how unimpressed she was with the video that Naomi Campbell prepared. She further went on to state the reasons why she did not appreciate the video posted up.

If you haven't seen the video maybe I can give you a brief description, Naomi campbell and a second person are seen descending some stairs and the music in the background to make it worse is from Nigeria. The whole video is just below standard and nothing of Kenyan culture seems to be brought to life by her video.

Natalie Tewa then asks a rhetorical question of whether in Kenya there are no travel bloggers who can do a much better job than what Naomi Campbell did. What are your thoughts about this video doing rounds and do you think it is the way for the tourism industry to go, is Naomi good for her job?

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