Moyo Lawal, Destiny Etiko, Others React To Belinda Effah's Body Revealing Picture On Instagram


Belinda Effah has sparked reaction on social media after releasing a controversial picture that revealed most part of her body. The Nigerian actress felt the need to slay to a particular occasion but I think she did it beyond imagination.

In the last few years, Belinda has been heavily criticised for always wearing controversial attires to public events. However, it seems fans have accepted her for who she is recently.

Earlier today, Belinda Effah's picture generated positive reaction from the same fans who mocked her in the past. Could it be that fans now appreciate her wearing body revealing pictures?

Check out the pucture below and tell us how you feel about Belinda's look. Do you think there is nothing wrong with what she wore to a public event?

Considering the reaction of other celebrities, you would realise that they all appreciated Belinda's appearance for the public outing. However, no one would have expected Moyo Lawal to hold a different view. Moyo is known to be a lover of sexy wears and it's not surprising that she loves Belinda's look.