Zora: Oliver Is Missing After A Date With Nana

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In today's episodes Oliver will take Nana for a date. Oliver is very happy to be loved again.

Oliver will appreciate Nana for loving him and he is ready to spend his life with her. He promises Nana that soon she will be among the Chibales.

Nana thanks him and she is happy. Nana promises to love him but he should never mistreat her or do something that will hurt her. Oliver tells her he will not do such a thing but only to love her. Nana will leave after the date.

At the Chibale's house they will be taking breakfast. Zalena will come calling Oliver but he is not there.

Zalena tells them that Oliver didn't not come to the house and this could be strange because he has never be late in the house except during campaigns.

Kwame will call him but the number is switch off. Lorreta gets angry and demands Zalena to tell them whereabouts her brother. Zalena says she knows nothing and she is worried because something might happen to his husband.

Yola wants to call police but Kwames stops her and says they should wait for 48 hours. Lorreta will points Zalena and leaves while the others will be left.

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