Mombasa City's Thriving Matatu Industry That is Rivaling Nairobi City


The coastal city of Mombasa with the famous has a vibrant matatu transport industry. The Matatu Culture here is hospitable and down-to-earth humans. The travelers in the City also provide a conducive business environment.

Unlike Nairobi City where 14 Seaters are a thing of the past, Mombasa City's Matatu Culture is solely based on 14 seaters. Well decorated and pumped. With soft coastal Music.

Mombasa’s matatu culture is wildly airbrushed in whatever interests the owner (favorite football team/Marvel character/hip hop star etc.). The graffiti of international personalities is something you will not miss.

In Nairobi, the art on Matatus has been there for a long time now. But in Mombasa, the art has been extended to Tuktuks. The coastal town seems not to be left behind when it comes to decorations.

The high temperatures in the coastal could not allow for minibusses like in Nairobi City. That is one of the reasons why the 14 seaters have dominated the industry.