4 People Escape With Injuries In Grisly Accident Along Nairobi-Mombasa Highway


There has occurred a grisly road accident in Nairobi-Mombasa road.In Kiboko area which is Makueni county,whereby three people escaped with minor injuries and one with major injuries. They were then rushed to Makindu hospital for treatment.And the vehicles involved pulled to Kiboko police station.

According to Makueni police county commissioner, Joseph Ole Napeiyan,the accident was caused by an overtaking lorry which rammed at a car from behind. And that the two vehicles were on their way to Nairobi.

Joseph Napeiyan has warned the drivers to be careful on roads,adding that the lorry driver will have to face the law after treatment for causing accident.

I also take this opportunity to warn each and every driver of any vehicle, to observe road safety rules.So that cases of accident can be reduced and save lives of passengers.

What is your advice on this my reader?Feel free to express your thought in a comment below.

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