Abena Korkor Bounces Back On Social Media Again; See What Brings This Time


Exactly 3 days today after Akwapem Poloo's 90 days sentence to imprisonment, the famous Abena korkor of all time anounced to her fans, followers and friends on social media about her decision of going off on Instagram for a while. After that post surfaced online, most of her fans were very excited over such decision made since it really going to make her put herself together, refresh the mind and bring herself back on track again because she wasn't the Abena korkor they used to know. Things were really worse with her.

However after deleting her nude videos and went offline, she couldn't stay for long without social media! She is back again. Now she is back online for the better and it will surely surprise you what she brings this time.

In early hours of today, Abena korkor took to her Instagram account to announce her presence with poem and love quotes captioned" I couldn't stay away for long. This is a good night poem for a lover I had, I have or wish to have"

After the post, some fans were like " so you couldn't stay away from social media for long?" Meanwhile others were happy to see her back and welcomed her.

Some screenshots of people's comments

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