World famous people you never knew were Ghanaians


Numerous Ghanaians have settled and

raised their families in various nations.

These Ghanaians ventured out to these

nations to look for greener fields

Nonetheless, it has been found that a

portion of the splendid and celebrated

global VIPs we see on our screens are


1. Kofi Kingston: His genuine name his Kofi

Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah. He is Ghanaian and

was brought into the world in Kumasi. He isa

renowned grappler. He is the recently

delegated WWE champion following 11 years

of dynamic interest in the unpleasant game.

2.freema Agyemang 

Thought the beautiful Freema Agyeman is a

European? You're absolutely not wrong. But

then, she is actually one of the Ghanaian

Hollywood stars you'll hardly guess has

anything to do with Africa as regards origin.

Freema's mother, Azar, is Iranian and her


Osei, is Ghanaian. She is an English actress

who is known for playing Martha Jones in the

BBC science fiction series Doctor Who and its

spin-off series Torchwood. Following her

departure from Doctor Who, Agyeman held a

starring role as Alesha Phillips in the crime

procedural drama Law & Order: UK, between

2009 and 2012.

3.Kwesi Boakye, Kofi

Siriboe, and Kwame

Boateng (K3 Brothers)

Kwesi Boakye (born April 6, 1999, in Los

Angeles, California) is an American teen actor,

voice actor and singer who is most notable


his role as Manny in the Tyler Perry film/ Can


Bad All By Myself. He is the youngest of three

brothers who are also Hollywood actors;

Kwame Boateng (25), and Kofi Siriboe (23).

Their family is originally from Ghana but they

reside in Los Angeles. The k3 brothers who

visited their ancestral land of Ghana for the


time in December 2016, have been hailed as


"First African Family of Hollywood".4. Senyo Amoako

Senyo Amoaku was born in Dayton, Ohio, and

raised in San Diego, CA, by his Ghanaian

parents, Mr. Kwame Amoaku and Mrs. Komla

Amoaku. Apart from the sharp facial features

indigenous of his roots, one would hardly find

out Senyo's true African origin as he speaks

with no accent. A trained stage

performer/composer, Senyo has been

nominated for numerous stage/theater


and has performed alongside the likes of The

Black Eyed Peas, Pharcyde, The Nappy Roots,

Tha Liks, Method Man, Ludacris, Krs-One and

many more.

5.Michael Blackson 

Michael Blackson is a Ghanaian actor and

comedian. He uses his African and American

life experiences in his stand up comedy


If you listen to him attentively, you may be


to make a correct guess of his nationality

because he has a slight Ghanaian accent.

Michael Blackson moved up the acting ladder

with his most notable onscreen performance


"Angry African" in the 2000 comedy film, Next

Friday, produced by lce Cube's film production

company Cubevision. In 2005, he released his

top-selling comedy sketch CD titled

6.Peter Mensah

The identity of Peter Mensah is definitely not

hidden, and we guess you may have known


already from his name and outlook. He was

born in Chiraa, Accra, to parents from Brong

Ahafo Region of Ghana, about 58 years ago.

Peter is an international actor, best known for

his roles in Tears of the Sun, Hidalgo, 300,


Space, and more recently on the Starz original

series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Spartacus:

Gods of the Arena, and Spartacus:


He is one of the most celebrated Ghanaian

Hollywood stars.


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