They Have Sex In Their Offices, God Will Judge Them - Prophet Kofi Oduro

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According to Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, the leader of the Alabaster International Ministry, a slew of abominations are taking place in some churches, as stated in Leviticus 22:32.

In a sermon on Sunday, August 7, 2021, the speaker stated that some pastors are breaking God's name by indulging in sexual actions with women in their congregations.

God's vengeance has been unleashed on "foolish and dumb" preachers, according to the man of God.

Their misdeeds, according to Prophet Oduro, must be judged, and if such actions go unpunished, God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

“God will judge Ghana's prophets. If God does not judge the prophets of Ghana, He must apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomora, for the things that the prophets of Ghana do, ladies and gentlemen, even Hophni and Phinehas did not do.

“Go to the pastors' offices; they have sex with ladies on the premises of the Church. The premise is contaminated... It means they're having sex with their concubines, mistresses, and madams on the altar.”


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