Opinion: CBC Roll Out And Its Vitality

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The competency based curriculum education system is an improvement on 8-4-4 education system launched about 30years ago. The differences between 8-4-4 and CBC? The difference is that there is a change of emphasis from the tradition of chalk-and-talk teaching, to focusing on the learner, by learning in groups and not just memorizing facts, but developing competencies, and comprehending core values and important issues.

CBC is a 2-6-6-3 education program anchored on preparing learners to fit into the current world changes.

This system is structured and policy-guided such that the learners are taught and imparted with cognitive skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving and social skillsets at the earliest possible stages, in this scenario being junior secondary schools. 

The skill sets to be enhanced among the learners entails the nurturing of talents, course specialisation and digital literacy at an early stage in the education sector. The move is being implemented by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD) through the ministry of education. One might wonder, how exactly this is going to be implemented fully with its challenges keep being experienced? The fact is that the system is being rolled out in phases as the old system is phased out. 

The stakeholders in the education sector in the country ought to be aware of the fact that, the CBC was launched after it was well known that the world is shifting into a technology driven society. Therefore, the new education system is premised on integrating new technological skills through digital literacy among the learners. The government through the Ministry of Information and communication Technology(ICT) is working very closely with the ministry of education to install vital infrastructural tools such as fibre optic cables and massive roll out of 3G,4G and 5G networks countrywide towards facilitating not only communication but also e-learning,e-commerce and quick internet access, these will enhance internet connectivity in schools and other learning environments.

The emerging new technologies and advanced industrial revolution of this era need learners who are swift and brilliant to adapt quickly to the demands of the new age. It is based on these that the government has gone further to retrain teachers on relevant areas as they seek to adopt fully the Competency Based Curriculum.

The arising challenges during its implementation are going to be addressed in phases. Course books in some new subjects to be incorporated are going to be unleashed as learners keep rising the ladder onto the next step according to the ministry of education.

Therefore, as we seek to join the industrialised nations teachers, parents and other education stakeholders have to join hands and work as a unified team. This will deliver the next generation of learners much more knowledgeable and befitting the information age.  

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