President Joe Biden to stand down for the young in up coming election

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The number of individuals urging President Joe Biden to step down in 2024 is growing, and one citizen has stated that they "Don't want elderly people ruling our country."

This week, President Joe Biden of the United States traveled to Saudi Arabia in an effort to strengthen the position of the United States in the Middle East. He was dismissive of the rising impact that nations like Iran, Russia, and China were having in the area. Mr. Biden continued by saying, "We will not walk away and leave a vacuum for other countries to fill, whether it is Russia, China, or Iran." And we will work to build on this opportunity with principled American leadership that is both active and engaged. The United States of America is not going to change its location."

Although President Biden has stated that the United States would maintain its presence on the international scene, it would appear that some Americans would rather that he did not.

64 percent of Democrats responded to a survey conducted by the New York Times and Siena College and released this week that they want someone other than Mr. Biden to represent their party in the presidential race of 2024.

The majority of people (33%) cited their primary issue as being his age as the cause for their opposition.

This was immediately followed by the performance he had at work (32 percent). Further down the list, four percent of people highlighted his capacity to win, while three percent identified his mental clarity as a strength.

He is already the oldest president in the history of the United States, having reached the age of 79; if he were to win the election in 2024, he might serve as President right up until the age of 86.

The New York Times asked a number of Americans their opinions about their president, and some of the respondents were more forthright than others.

A preschool teacher from Michigan named Nicole Farrier, who is 38 years old, expressed her desire for younger blood by saying, "I'm simply going to come out and say it: I want younger blood."

"I have had it up to here with all of the elderly folks that are governing our nation. I don't want someone ringing the bell when it's time to go."

Kelly King, a former factory worker from Indiana, was critical of how the president handled the rising cost of living problem in the United States.

"We used to spend $200 a week just going out to have fun, or going and purchasing extra food if we needed to, and now we can't even do that," she added. "Now that we're in this situation, we can't even do that."

"We are just about able to purchase what we require.

"I get the impression that he hasn't actually talked too much about it. He has not helped the American people to the extent that I believe he is capable of helping them while serving as president.

As a Democrat, I assumed that he would truly be on our side and help steer us back onto the path that we should be on. And I just feel like he's not."

The news about Joe Biden is that some people support Harris's candidacy (Image: getty)

John Waldron, a retired Republican from the state of New York who supported Joe Biden's candidacy for president in the 2020 election, stated, "I believed he was going to do something for our nation, but now he's doing nothing."

Since the very beginning of his administration, the age of Mr. Biden has been the subject of intense scrutiny.

According to ABC, an official from the White House stated that staffers who are "much younger" than Mr. Biden "had to battle to keep up" with the President, who works late into the night and "never takes a day off, wherever he is."

They went on to say that "we watch him pour himself into the hardest parts of the job," pointing out that Mr. Biden recently spent "hours comforting families" of victims of mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. Both of these incidents occurred in the United States.

The latest from Joe Biden: Trump has dropped hints about running again in 2024 (Image: getty)

Recently, the President of the United States also took a combative stance, declaring that his fellow Democrats "want me to run."

The lack of support for Mr. Biden among younger Democrats is one of the challenges he confronts.

Only 57 percent of Democrats under the age of 30 say they "somewhat" or "strongly" approve of the job that Vice President Joe Biden is doing, according to an analysis performed by The Economist on surveys carried out on our behalf by the pollster YouGov over the past month.


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