How Maggie of Maria stylishly stepped out in short skirts

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Dorea Chege or Maggie thanks to the role she played on Maria TV series is such a beautiful woman. She has done a lot to better herself ever since the finale of the hit show. She is now a YouTuber, a brand influencer and has also continued her acting career.

Dorea has a YouTube channel of her own and dubbed 'Maggie Maria official. ' She has also a number of times through her posts promoted different brands. And she also appeared in a short movie by Mammito Eunice in YouTube. It was called Madenge wa Kanairo.And are you aware that at some point she also announced to her fans that she will be running for a Women representative post in Nairobi?

Apart from all the things mentioned above, Dorea is a force to reckon with when it comes to fashion. This lady really knows how to dress. She has been spotted wearing different fashionable outfits but kindly take a look at when she rocked short skirts.

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