10 Bras Every Woman Should Own and Know About

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A bra. A woman's best known frenemy for lack of a better word to describe the love hate relationship between the two. A bra can one day decided to love you and support you breast but on other days, it may decide to complete terrorize you unapologetically.

Bras are basically essential for support, mainly for girls and ladies with bigger breast. They also help with comfort since they keep the breast together and organized. Lastly, they can be used to create a sexy feel for the woman and by extension, her partner.

Bras a clothing that begun first as a patriarch rule but over the years, women have come to embrace it and create lemonade out of the lemons. Multiple designers have come up with different designs for our convince.

The following are a list of ten bras every lady must have or at list know of for convince and comfort.

1. A bralette.

This one is an amalgamation of a bra and a crop top. It is mostly worn for fashion. Most ladies nowadays have embraced this trend by wearing buggy pants or skirts with this bra and it is honestly beautiful.

2. The plunge bra.

Plunge bras are a low cut at the center so they offer a great share of the neckline. With a perfect fitting low cut top and a beautiful necklace, this bra will absolutely do it for you. It shows less cleavage and less coverage as well but is very comfortable.

3. The balcony bra.

This bra covers half of the breast and helps create a modest cleavage. It looks more or less the same as a demi bra. The major difference between the two is that, a demi bra features cups that are shaped more inwards at the middle of the chest and also, it is cut lower thus presenting a sexy cleavage.

4. The full cup bra.

This bra has a high neckline that is crafted to cover almost the entire breast tissue. It provides complete coverage and is comfortable. Most ladies own or begun with a full cup bra, because of their convince and available to.

5. The corset.

A corset is a unique bra that does not need a lazy dress up to rock it. One ought to be very aware of this bra since it is very unique, achieves an hourglass shape while lifting the burst and serving nothing but a sexy look. Corset are one of the most unique old designs or bras that are here to stay.

6. The push-up bra.

A push up bra is mainly used to push the bust towards the center, giving that gorgeous cleavage. They are comfortable when worn correctly and give a natural lift and rounder look.

7. The soft cup bra.

A soft bra cup is special designed to provide support without using an under wire. This bra is most suited for ladies that find it annoying to own a bra that has an under wire that at times pricks the skin when it is not set properly or at times causes an allergic reaction to some women.

7. The bullet bra.

A bullet bra can also be called a stiletto bra. It is a todays representation of the 1950s. It is designed with a suggestive silhouette shape at the tip forming a nipple like shape on top of you out fit. This bra is also worn only when you are aware of its presence since worn out of spite it might not achieve its said purpose wish is sexiness.

8. The under wire bra.

This is a brassiere that utilizes a thin, Semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. It majorly gives the breast a gentle lift or added support. This one is specially for those who do not have an allergic reaction under wire.

9. Strapless.

A strapless bra is the best yet the worst design ever. It came to save us from ugly strap when we want to wear a low cut or strapless dress but again the way it hugs and doesn't support the breast as we want makes it annoying. But it is definitely a bra we should all own because it is a life saver on special occasions.

10. The t-shirt bra.

This final but most important one of them all is a smooth cup bra usually under wired, with padded or molded cups. It is the fail proof choice for weaving underneath tightly fitted clothing, it creates a smooth silhouette and lastly, it doesn't show lines.

This ten bras are a must have for every lady that has fully embraced their womanhood and is ready to show the world that she is strong, independent and ready for any challenge.

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