This Is What Lack Of Sex Can Cause To Your Clitoris According To Science

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Our sexual life is really important to the actual life we live as a whole for it is one vital part of the life which gives rise to new ones thereby creating equilibrium.

In this article I will want to share with you some few stuff about effect of lack of sex in women to be specific on their genital. Making complete the female genital organ is the “Clitoris” which plays a vital role.

With medical backing from legit health advise sites, it has been confirmed that lack of sex can cause the shrinkage and disappearances of the clitoris in a phenomenon known as “Clitoral Atrophy”. This is normally caused by less stimulation and received by the organ and a relatively low flow of blood to the organ as well.

Do not forget that, sexual intercourse allows a great flow of blood to the sexual organs for which it is being deprived of in case of lack sexual intercourse.

The above condition when contracted can be medically reversed but with probabilities with women who have theirs disappeared. Mostly, the self masturbation remedy is used as self stimulation of the organ between regular periods are recommended.

In addition to the above is the recommendation of cardiovascular exercise, estrogen therapy and sexual stimulants.

I hope you finding this information helpful. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!


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