Liverpool Star Is Mourning His Dad

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Liverpool's star Fabinho has lost his father.

This was confirmed by Rebecca who is Fabinho's wife.

She wrote an emotional statement where she stated that she always remembered him with his smile and passion for kingdom things.

Liverpool confirmed that the star was absent from training on Thursday at the AXA Centre.

Some fans were able to notice his absence feom trainig and even questioned his where abouts.

Rebecca also acknowledged that she had the privilage to know her grandfather and so waere their children.

She also wrote on her socila media that she would take care of Fabinho.

Alot of Liverpool fans have sent their condolences to Fabinho's family.

Most of them sympathized with the star.The mid fielder will miss a number of games during the mourning period.

It should be noted that Liverpool's goalkeeper also lost his father last season.

The mid fielder was on bench in the game of Liverpool verses Norwich City.Liverpool won 3-0 in that game.

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