Top 6 Secrets About Michael Jackson That Nobody Knew


Most people have heard of Michael Jackson in some form or another, and with his numerous hit songs that made waves in the music industry, who are we to argue that he was the greatest of all? Regardless of this, he had a personal life of his own, some of which only a few people knew about and which I'll openly discuss with you today.

Michael Jackson's chompanzee, nicknamed Bubbles, was just like any other boy's toy. He'd take it on trips, let it sit alongside him while he did interviews, and he adored his chompanzee, which was eventually removed to a sanctuary as it became aggressive as it grew older.

Spiderman is a fictional character created by Marvel Comic

With all of his talents combined, Michael Jackson zt met the late Stanley, the creator of Spiderman and the Avengers in general, and told him that he was interested in purchasing the rights to play Spiderman, and after being told that it was impossible, he wanted to but MARVEL the actual company, which he never did, but no one knows what happened because he never spoke a word about it.

Rare Illness

Most people assumed Michael underwent surgery because he despised his black skin color, which he refuted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in which he acknowledged to having vitiligo and lopus, making it plain that he had vitiligo and lopus He made it apparent that he liked his skin color but couldn't control his skin condition.

The world's most costly video

They claimed that because he didn't have time to go to space, he built one for roughly $7,000,000 dollars, which no other artist has ever done, in the song Scream.


In 1979, he broke his nose, which caused him a lot of breathing problems, so he turned to surgery. His hair also caught fire while he was performing due to the incorrect set up of instruments, and he had to be admitted to the hospital for a few days.

Hyperbaric chamber for sleep

Michael was completely engrossed with life. One of the few but widely circulated myths about him is that he lived for the longest time and hence had to sleep in this chamber every night. The truth is that the photo above was taken after he had purchased these chambers for children who had suffered terrible burns and was demonstrating how they would make them feel.

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