You Cannot Destroy Deities By Burning Them


Haven renounced her deities and turned into a full-time evangelist, Famous fetish priestess Nana Agradaa is alleged to have burnt her gods. The once-revered minister at the altar of the gods now wishes to be known and called Evangelist Patricia

Just like Evangelist Patricia, other people have also burnt down gods in other to destroy them. One popular preacher who is regularly seen burning gods or deities on his television channel in other to destroy them is Osofo Kyiri Abosom whose real name is Pastor Kwabena Andrews. But the reality is that you cannot burn what you cannot see with your eyes.

The stones or images or items that are used to represent the gods are just mediums. Most shrines that you see when you go to villages are not the gods they are just images representing the gods. Depending on the type of deity, spirit, or demon, the real deity is either the leaves of a plant or some other spirit that you cannot see with your naked eyes. So what happens is that when you go and burn the images or items that represent the gods, you have not done anything. Depending on the kind of spirit its and the kind of covenant the owners might be having with them, they will only find another medium to express themselves but no altar or spirit is destroyed by burning the images that represent them.

Demons or Spirits are dealt with primarily by casting them away and breaking the covenants that covenants them to their owners


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