''The ANC is no longer fit to govern or worthy of my support", 86 YEARS old struggle icon dumped ANC

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Mervyn Bennun, whom is one of the longest struggle icon, fought for South African freedom under the wings of the South African National Congress had finally dumped the ruling party.

It is possible that Mervyn Bennunis the only person still surviving who addressed the Congress of the People on 26 June 1955. This are type of people whom the African National Congress must keep and respect since they understand the original fundamentals of the party.

Mervyn Bennun wrote a latter to the secretary of the African National Congress, Jesse Duarte, informing her that, "The ANC is no longer fit to govern or worthy of my support, exiguous as it has been. I no longer wish to be a member".

 Many struggle icons have expressed that they are not happy with how the African National Congress looks like now.

"The recent reports of corrupt greed and grasping self-interest following the ghastly events in the KwaZulu-Natal floods have sickened me", says Mervyn Bennun.

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