Vihiga County Government In Trouble After 5 Employees Earned Sh1.7 Million Through A Shared Account

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The Auditor-General has put Vihiga County Government on the spot after a thorough audit revealed that 5 employees had earned approximately Ksh1.7 million through a shared bank account. The report released by the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Database (IPPD) revealed that in the latest 2018/19 audit report the 5 employees were paid using a single Commercial Bank account that was set up in Machakos County.[Photo courtesy]

In addition, the report revealed that several other employees earn through duplicate payroll information which has paid more than Sh4 million as their 2019 April, May and June salaries. It happens that multiple employees share similar identification numbers and during that financial year, these employees were paid Sh2 million as an addition Sh1.9 million was paid to duplicate bank account numbers.[Photo courtesy]

The report further alleged that in June 2019 the county government used a manual payroll to pay out Sh16.7 million to trade market cleaners instead of the Sh14.4 million that was earlier provided hence raising eyebrows on the Sh2.3 million variance. The county has not responded to the numerous arithmetic errors in the payrolls but they are required to provide reconciliation documents.

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