Cleophas Malala Issues Statement After His Unfortunate Remarks On Kenya Police Service Today

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Kakamega county senator Hon Cleophas Malala who is also the Kenya Kwanza alliance governor aspirant for Kakamega county has found himself in a vicious storm for the better part of the day today.

In a Video that has since gone viral on social media, senator Cleophas Malala was heard suggesting that the national police service should be reserved for academic failures and that all those who get grade C+ and above in their KCSE exams should be sponsored to join universities.

And now, the Vocal senator has finally come out to finally eat humble pie and break his silence after the remarks sparked controversy among a section of kenyans.

Malala now says that the remarks were allegedly taken out of context even as he unreservedly issued a passionate apology to the police service for the discomfort that his remarks may have caused. He said that he has withdrawn the remarks.

"I wish to withdraw my remarks and apologise to our disciplined forces for the discomfort my remarks may have caused," part of his message stated.

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