I Found Peace And Comfort Sleeping At The Cemetery Than Home – Lady Reveals [Video]

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A beautiful lady believed to be in her 30’s has revealed a shocking experience she has faced in this life which made her chose to be in the cemetery than being in the house. This story has been trending massively on the internet after a video of her narrating everything that led her into all those crisis on Joy Fm. The woman appeared on Strong and Sassy program on Joy fm which is meant to disclose life challenges some people have gone through.

Mary Addy whose now the founder of Cultivating Minds Foundation is the woman we are talking about. Mary recounted how she was feeling a good life in her early childhood until her parents got divorced and moved away. This action by her parents started her mayhem in life.

“I grew up as a depressed child. My parents got separated when I was four years and I found myself living with my father’s aunt and her children and that was the beginning of my predicaments. At age 6, I started sleeping on the streets and at a point, I was sleeping on the tree in the cemetery because I found safety and peace there,” she disclosed. She went on in accusing her family of treating her always unless they hears his father is coming back from his normal trip.

The interview has really attached many people’s heart and others too have shared their side story concerning how they were also treated by their own family members because of same situation. You can watch the full interview below;

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