Teenagers with big butts should protect themselves through these ways

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Ladies with bigger butts are so much attractive to men, especially African Men for their protuding backside which turns them on to desire for an action.

Teenagers with bigger butts must protect themselves well hence they are at risk exposing themselves anyhow, the following ways are best to protect them from hungry men.

1. Find the right pants. Possibly the most important consideration for anyone with a larger behind, well-bought pairs of pants will go the farthest towards shaping and disguising your butt. General advice to follow is to have pants that fit at the waist (too high will make your butt seem long) and too avoid anything labelled “skinny.”

For jeans, look for boot cut, carpenter, worker, and “relaxed-fit” jeans. This will sit more loosely on the waist and around the legs, which allow for straighter vertical line to your silhouette.

For dressier pants, stay away from pleats. They draw the eye to your hips and can make your butt seem bigger than it is. Flat fronts are the way to go as they have a slimming effect around your waist.

2. Have form-fitting underwear. Boxer briefs and biking shorts will tighten the area around your butt and upper thighs for a tighter, smaller feel. In any case, make sure whatever underwear you have fits well enough not to bunch up. Bunching can be seen through pants and can make your backside look even awkward.

3. Buy t-shirts that fit. Many might make the mistake of buyingover-large t-shirts in the hopes that they make your top half seem larger and more proportional to your behind. Unfortunately it ends up looking awkward and can make you appear overweight. Provided you have good pants that sit well at the waist, buy t-shirts which go down to where you back meets your butt for a clean vertical line.

Don’t confuse a tight with a good fit. An overly tight shirt will make your butt appear as though it’s sticking out. You want a shirt that doesn’t bloom or billow, but lies flat on your front and back.

4. Avoid tucking-in when possible. For collared shirts and button-downs, try not to tuck in when it’s appropriate. Unfortunately in business and formal situations this won’t be possible. Tucking in narrows your shirt and brings it closer to your torso, and can make your butt look like it’s sticking out. Instead, allow these shirts to sit loose around your waist for a clean line with your larger backside.

Again, avoid any “slim” or “skinny” fits in button-down shirts. These will end up hugging your torso, making your butt look larger.

5. Splurge on shoes. Unlike girls, boys won’t have a lot of options for distracting away from a big butt. Flashy shoes, however, are the big-seated young man’s best weapon. Attractive, eye-catching shoes will draw the eye down quickly, away from your butt. Anything goes provided they match your outfit.

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