"I Only See my Kid 9 Hours in a Year, I Have Been Fighting For Her Custody For 9 Years" Lady Cries


Elizabeth Thuita has emotionally narrated how the court restricted her to only see her daughter for nine hours in a year after she was taken away from by her ex husband.

According to Elizabeth, she separated with her husband after she discovered that he slept with their househelps and when she interrogated him, he would beat her up and therefore she decided to walk away from her marriage.

They were blessed with one kid whom she went with when she ended her marriage but her ex husband abducted the kid and since then she has been fighting for her daughter's custody yet she has never been granted.

She claims that she has been in court for nine years fighting for her daughter's custody and she is not giving up anytime soon. She claims her ex husband has been manipulating the judges therefore a story is cooked every time they go for a court hearing.

Elizabeth claims she has only been granted nine hours in a year to see her daughter a judgment that was made without her knowledge. Despite the judgment, she has not been able to see her daughter and she knows nothing about her whereabouts.

Her daughter has been restricted from making a call to her by her ex husband something that leaves her in tears. Elizabeth says it's injustice for a mother to be restricted from seeing her kids.


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