LSK President Havi Condemns This, Sending a Stern Message To Hon. Tuju And Top Leaders In Jubilee


The three arms of government should work closely to help Kenyans. It's unfortunate when top-ranked leaders emerged with this sad news concerning the other arm of government.

LSK President Nelson Havi has emerged with a powerful message. While on Citizen television, LSK President condemned in the strongest terms the possible pronouncements from the individuals who hold high-ranked positions on the high office.

Recently, while on the NTV television, Jubilee general secretary honorable Raphael Tuju alleged that Judges after making any ruling, will need another arm of government and to escort them. This message has triggered the online as some Kenyans need clarity from him. His message came after the ruling party lost the bill over being unconstitutional.The five bench judges explained how, the entire process was wrong and unconstitutional.

Nelson Havi, LSK President said "I condemn in the strongest terms possible pronouncements from individuals holding positions in high offices in the Jubilee government against judges and the judiciary"