7 Unexploited Tourist Attraction Sites in Kiambu County.


Kiambu county has several tourist attractions sites which are unexploited located in different regions of the county.

Chania Falls.

The waterfall is located in Thika and best viewed from Blue Post Hotel. It not only provides a breath-taking falls attraction but also, suitable for bird watching, camping, retreat site and a great picnic site.

Gatamaiyu Camp & Fishing Grounds and Gatamaiyu Riverine Walk.

The grounds is situated in Gatamaiyu forest which is part of Kereita Forest.It's an ideal destination for camping, fishing and urban birding.


The mountain borders Machakos and Thika District. Perfect spot for hiking and enjoying green view with lots of vegetation.

Fourteen Falls

The 30-meter deep scenery is located in Athi River in Thika.Activities to enjoy in the scenic site include; boat riding, fishing, photography, bird watching and also walking arpund the rocks at the base of the fall.

Mama Ngina Gardens.

Along Mama Ngina Drive the activity to enjoy is public lawns for leisure walks and also picnics.

Thika World War Memorial Park.

The park is along General Kago road. Historically tourists visit to view the final resting place of the souls of gallant African Soldiers.

Mugumo Gardens.

Also a historic site representing one of the terrifying experiences in the life of the colonial government.

Clearly beautiful scenic sites surrounds us. It is upon us to embrace domestic tourism and take pride in the attractions surrounding us.

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