Checkout 10 Interesting Facts About Nigeria.


Many citizens of Nigeria do not know some certain facts about the country, not to talk of people who only reside in the country for business trip or vacations. Read through and see some interesting Facts that you didn't know before about the great country.

1. The most populous country in Africa: Nigeria with the population of about 200 million people who live in there makes the country the number one populated country in Africa. In 2019, the country was ranked the 7th populated country in the world.

2. About 500 indigenous languages are spoken in the country: Nigeria has not great population alone but also, diverse ethnic groups. By so doing, it has over 500 languages people speak in the country. The major languages people speak in the country is Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. Though the official language of the country is English.

3. Home of the richest man in Africa: One of the richest man in Africa was born in Nigeria, Kano to be precise. Aliko Dangote's name was among the first list when Forbes listed 100 richest man in the world. Dangote is a business man with the net worth of 10.6 billion US dollars.

4. The Largest City is not the Capital: Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria but Abuja is the capital. Abuja a very fast growing city in Nigeria with the population of about 6 million people while Lagos has over 21 million people.

5. Life expectancy is 55 years: Nigeria has a very high rate of poverty. Many Nigerians are very poor and some die due to complications of illness that are not being taken care of properly. This is a sad fact about the country, there is high death rate of children too. Some of the reasons behind it the toxic drinking water.

6. The movie Industry is Nollywood: The nickname given to the movie Industry in Nigeria is Nollywood. It is very much bigger than Hollywood, but just the second in the world. Bollywood of India is the first.

7. It has a town called home of twins: Igbo-Ora is a town in Nigeria that has a very high birth rate of twins. People in the town believe that the consumption of yam and okro leaves is the reason for fertility that could cause multiple ovulation.

8. Left hand could be a sign of disrespect: Unlike other African countries, many Nigerians consider using left hand a very wrong thing. They consider it to be unclean and not be used to eat, drink, shake hands or even take something with it.

9. Over 250 ethnic groups: Nigeria having a large number of diverse ethnic groups makes it to have a very high rate of population and different languages. This as well is the reason why Nigeria has many cultural beliefs and traditions.

10. Social Media is Popular: About 75 percent of Nigerians use social media on a daily basis. It is very unique to mention that many Nigerians prefer to use computers or laptop but smartphones.

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