Some Ladies Reveal Questions Men They Meet Online Ask That Put Them Off


Single ladies and guys meet on different platforms. One of the easiest and quickest ways guys meet these days is on the Internet. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are most prominents apps used by those searching for relationships to meet.

When guys meet for the first time online, there are some questions that men who are interested in relationships with ladies ask in order to get to know them better. Such questions are meant to acquaint them with the ladies they are meeting for the first time.

First impression, they say matters. Some guys in attempts to impress ladies ask questions that put the ladies off. Some ladies have been talking about the kind of questions that guys they are meeting for the first time ask them that got them annoyed and make them to snub such guys.

This was revealed in reactions to a post made by a Facebook user to a group discussion. The question was posed by Ogoo Maria to Igbo Rant HQ. It reads :

Let us take a look at them