If you see MAMLAMBO (snake), Know that you gonna be very RICH in life -Dr Khehlelezi

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Source: Twitter- Dr. Khehlelezi Elders, unlike us, used to be able to see and appreciate the beauty of nature. They realized there was a line they had to adhere to at all times and that they could not cross it.

It was considered forbidden to bring up the subject of aquatic organisms. And they were aware of any strange phenomena you may encounter. It was all for your own amusement, and you should keep your mouth shut about it.

A huge storm similar to a hurricane is said to be engulfing Inkanyamba as it passes, making it impossible to see what is going on. So if you're fortunate enough to notice it without having to talk about it, you can be certain that your efforts will be much appreciated.

It is said that if you continue to search and dig for it with the goal of becoming rich, it must be fake for you to see it, and you should stop. You're either going to die, or something very terrible will happen to you, and you won't be able to tell anybody what happened.

The old, on the other hand, were able to tell whether or not someone had discovered the secret and knew how to deal with the situation.

Is it possible that the elderly have progressed this far in their witchcraft practices?

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