Hamisa Mobetto Finally Reveals Her Future Plans With American Rapper Rick Ross

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Finally, after Hamisa stirred up the media after posting a controversial picture of herself getting cosy with Famous American Rapper, Rick Ross, Hamisa finally jetted back in her county Tanzania. Hamisa and Rick Ross apparently spent a few days in Dubai enjoying life.

When Hamisa landed back to Tanzania, all media houses were eagerly waiting for Hamisa to her back so that they can ask Hamisa lots of questions.

One media personnel asked Hamisa if she was officially dating the American Rapper. Hamisa responded by saying that the American Rapper and herself had gone to Dubai for purposes of business.

Hamisa also talked about how Rick Ross values Tanzanians so much and how highly he spoke about Tanzanians. Hamisa even said that Rick Ross even mentioned the president Suluhu and how she is currently doing a good job. Hamisa Revealed that Rick Ross wants to start businesses in Tanzania that will create job opportunities. Hamisa said that in case they become more than business partners, she will definitely let it out. See Screenshots of Hamisa's Interview below.

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