Diana B song surpass 1M views and trending on five countries

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Diana Marua Last week was signed under EMB records label owned by his husband Bahati . Currently he is the leading female rapper in Kenya as his two songs are already a hit .

His first song " Hatutaachana " surpassed a million views in four days . The song gave her opportunities for show bizz and music gig's .

Her second song released after three days on his first release " one day " has managed to surpass a million views in a day .

The songs are trending too at five countries ; Kenya , Uganda , Tanzania , Bahamas and Qatar .

This has been a great debut in Kenyan music industry as there has been no Kenyan song that has ever got into trending list on more than three countries .

Diana could not keep it calm as she reposted this thanking her fans . We wish her well in her musical career .

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