Several People Feared Dead After Horrifying Road Accident In Turbo

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Number of people loosing their lives in road accident have been in high rate and many others left with serious injuries from the road accidents.

This has created more tension in the society as many of the families are left in pain in agony loosing than more of one their family members within a nick of time.

It's another sad morning after after a 14seater and Trailer involved in a fatal road accident around Miti mbili in Turbo on Sunday,3rd morning.

It's barely some few hours before three people were killed in a Grisly road accident involving a 14seater,lorry and a motorcycle rider at Matunda Sikhendu bridge last night leaving three people loosing their lives.

According to the news hitting the air,several people are feared dead and trapped after a heavy loaded truck crashed into 14seater.

Number of fatalities have not yet been recorded though the rescue operation is currently underway as more details are awaited to be established.

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