Be Careful Of What You Buy. See What It Means When You Wear Or Use Products With These Colours.

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There has been a lot of products available in the market which have specific purpose or meaning for which many people fall ignorant of and they go forward to purchase them. Recently, is the fight of homosexuality which is causing many countries a lot. Many nations are trying to pass laws to deal with the above practice but it seems all their efforts have proved futile for they act is backed by law in a way.

This society has strategised many ways to expand their reaches and members. This involves the creation of flags, products and others. In this article, I will like to share with you some common products for which when you wear, speaks ill about you being a member of the above society.

Most of these products has a specific design with many colours which includes six colored striped flag (from top to bottom): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Most people by such designed products knowing nothing about its meaning. It depicts your membership as an homosexual and an advocate ( promoter) as well. This can cause many forms of harm to you. This may include:

1 Being attacked by citizens against the act:

Many people being against the act strongly tends to put the lives of those practitioners of the act at stake whenever they are identified. This can also happen to you without your notice so far as you were their products.

2 You Can Lose Your Life Through Severe Maltreatment From Protesters:

They may decide not to spare you for which they may beat you up till death meanwhile you are ignorant.

Let us be careful on what we buy to wear or use for it speaks a lot about us.

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