Foreigners Will Kill Us, More Expired And Fake Products Are Being Found In Spaza Shops

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There is absolutely no rest for Spaza shop owners at this time around. The only political party that's cleaning the streets when it comes to dealing with Spaza shops and illegal foreigners is the PA. During this week they managed to catch 67 illegal foreigners and put them in jail. They are also on a mission to go throughout all the Spaza's in South Africa with their 120 councilors and lawyers.

It's a good thing that they are going through all the Spaza's in the suburbs and in the township, but it appears that there is always one place politicians seem to stay away from and that's Johannesburg CBD.

If the Spaza shops in Johannesburg CBD are inspected they will find many expired and fake products. The only problem is that those Spaza shops stand up for one another and are not afraid to put on a fight. So in someway this matter of inspecting Sapza shops is useless if the real culprits won't be inspected.

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