Unbelievable Kenyan Celebrities' Throwbacks

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Last week I discussed about the throwbacks for many celebrities but in your comments most of you wanted some hot tea on this rare topic. Well, I got you covered. Today,we are going to discuss a few more celebrities and their throwbacks that would leave many believing that one day things will also change on their side.


Like we said, these kind of pictures are an encouragement on their on and every other celebrity should consider sharing them. This is not to mean that only celebrities have changed way of life over time but it's because they are the only ones who are well known among many people hence if they shared a throwback,most people will relate and that is exactly the aim of this post. You should be able to look at them as an encouragement rather than a show off.

Kush Tracey

On the other hand it i not really meant for criticism but rather a thumbs up for the individual celebrities for making it through despite the hardship and all that. Without much ado, let's have a keen look at these stunning pictures.

Timmy tdat

Jua Kali

You look at them and then you realise that actually there is a God who lives. So many of them have come from very humble backgrounds than even some of us. This did not stop them from chasing their dreams and neither should your situation.

Otile Brown

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