How do you tell if your partner really loves you?


1. He wants the whole world to know that you're dating. He's proud of you and the relationship as he eagerly introduces you as his girlfriend.

2. He is curious about even your "weird" interests. When a man cares for you, he'll want to hear about all of your interests.

3. He puts you first. What (and who) we esteem is shown by where we put our goals and time.

4. He is selfless when it comes to you. Your relationship is golden if both parties are itching to do something nice for the other.

5. When he makes a mistake, he apologizes profusely. A man should demonstrate that he is more concerned with you than with winning an argument.

6. He is still concerned with your well-being. Find someone who really cares for you, even though it isn't in his best interests.

7. He goes out of his way to help your friends and family. A man who really cares for you would work hard to win over your whole circle of friends and family.

8. He makes it easy to spend time together. It just seems comfortable when you're with the right guy, someone with whom you have a natural rapport.

9. He's confident in your partnership. A loving partnership will often involve having faith in each other, which makes you feel secure.

10. When you need some alone time, he gives it to you. It's safe to spend time alone, and a man who cares for you would understand.

11. He is always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier. It is a sign of commitment to look for ways to make your loved one's life a little easier.

12. He brags about your success a lot. He'll be the first to thank you and tell everyone about your accomplishments.

13. He sees you for who you really are. A man who takes the time to get to know the real you deserves to be admired.

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