More Pictures Of The Curvy Maths Teacher Causing A Stir On The Internet


Handling the job of a class room teacher and that of an Instagram celebrity is a very hard thing to pull off, but to South Africa's mathematics teacher "Lulu Menziwa", it's no big deal! Lulu seems to be the most popular secondary School teacher in South Africa, basically because she knows how to set her priorities straight takes her job seriously as an excellent maths teacher. She is also known for being a glamour model who flaunts her fancy lifestyle and massive curves on Instagram.

She was dragged out of recent after she uploaded a photo of herself in a classroom and the maths problem on the board happens to be wrongly solved. South Africans did a good job of dropping all the lovely comments about her inability to balance brain power and huge curves, but Lulu dismissed those comments, as there is no evidence that she was the one who solved the maths on the board!

Taking a look at Lulu's lifestyle, you can easily tell that she is on the rise to becoming a top model and might be well recognized sooner than later, but alot of fans are concerned about her way of dressing to school and question the work ethics which the school imposes on staffs like Lulu. But some students have made it known that she is a role model and leaves no stone unturned when doing her job as a teacher. Check out some of her pictures outside of the classroom;


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