Nana Agradaa Buried Sofo Maame Pep Donkoh Spiritually For Warning Her On Facebook

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Pep Donkor meet her meter as Nana Agradaa Fires her and reveal the source of her powers.

According the priestess, Pep Donkor is an evil and witch, she said they all at a point in time went to a priest for powers in order to promote their business, of which Agradaa uses her own to do "fa sika b3 gye sika"

The priest who gave them the powers reveal it real that Pep Donkor visited him for powers to help her do miracles and church as well.

The priest said Pep Donkor need to come and thank him for giving her the powers and do some rituals as well. He killed a sheep and pour the blood of the sheep on the gods for which he worship, in order to destroy the powers he gave it to Pep Donkor.

Pep Donkor is now in London and she can only freed her self when she come back to Ghana and tell the truth and apologize to Nana Agradaa and the priest.

Nana Agradaa on her TV pour a powder on her self and her team members also crown her as she had the victory and she was carried on hands. She also revealed many fake pastors as well.

Covid 19 is real prevent yourself and stay blessed.

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