Muslim Woman Converts To Christianity, Her Reasons Will Amaze You

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Bassma Jaballah was brought into the world in Tunisia and grew up Muslim, as did her whole family. At college, the young lady was concentrating on the progress from Christianity to Islam in the nation, when she started to ponder different religions.

Tunisia was brought into the world as a Christian nation however became Islamic when it was taken over by the strong Arab armed force as Islam moved throughout western Saudi Arabia.

It was investigating this progress of religion in the Tunisian country that Bassma started to peruse the Bible and ran over the difference in the manner Jesus treated ladies with the manner in which Islam treated. While the Quran characterizes them as inferior individuals, the Scriptures report Christ esteeming ladies.

" I was feeling like I didn' t fit in with Islam as a lady, " she told 100 Huntley Street. The youthful college understudy had found the fortunes of the Word of God and all her Islamic reasoning, which she had faith in since adolescence, wound up self-destructing.

Tracking down Joy And Freedom In Jesus

As soon as I turned into a Christian, I didn' t know I wasn' t Muslim any longer. I just realized I was following Jesus, " she said. " Immediately I told everybody all over, in light of the fact that I was blissful. "

Bassma' s Muslim family was not satisfied with her transformation to the Christian confidence and cut binds with her. Yet, the young lady kept her confidence in Christ and proceeded to work with Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) in Canada, an association that helps abused Christians all over the planet.

Functioning as a Missiologist and Director of Leadership Development at VOM, Bassma shares the Gospel that once contacted her with different ladies in the Islamic world through the web, and assists them with confronting abuse as they become Christians.

" The Church is developing, it' s truly flourishing in North Africa and the Middle East. Regardless of the risk, heaps of individuals come to Christ every day. The reports from this area of the planet are empowering and give us trust, " the previous Muslim told Mission Network News.

Today, Bassma' s family has acknowledged her with their confidence and they are accommodated. " They realize I did this is because of conviction, " noticed the Christian.


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