How Teachers' Salaries Will Look Like After Implementation Of TSC's CBA 2021-2025.


Teachers service Commission had earlier on proposed a salary increment of 32% for classroom teachers and 16% for school administrators.

This followed an outcry from teachers about the ksh 54bilion CBA which lapses June this year that it only benefited Principals and Headteachers.

TSC's proposals had to be subjected to scrutiny by the commission that is charged with the responsibility of determining wage structure in the country.

According to Standard on Monday 8, after a job evaluation SRC has concurred with teachers and TSC that classroom teachers deserve a payrise given the roles they will be playing in implementating the CBC.

This opens doors for TSC to finalise negotiations with teachers' unions to allow for the first phase implementation of the CBA 2021-2025.

If the salaries are Implemented the way TSC had proposed which is likely to be the case, Basic pay for teachers In various job groups will be like as shown below.

House allowances will also be incresed by 20% and appear as shown below depending on the region where one works. Those in urban areas will take the lion's share.

KNUT had proposed 120% to 200% basic pay increment for teachers while kuppet had only asked for 30% -70% to the advantage of classroom teachers.

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