SA Gears Up For Wednesday's Sharp Rise in Fuel Prices

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As if corona virus isn't putting enough strain on many people's lives , the Energy Department has announced that there'll be an 81 cent increase in petrol price on Wednesday, 3 February.

This is due to the increase in the average international product prices for petrol , diesel and illuminating paraffin.

The price of diesel will increase by between 58 and 59 cents a litre and the illuminating paraffin will rise by 59 cents.

Citing reasons for this sudden increase the Energy Department stated that the average international product prices for petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin increased during the period under review.

"The rand depreciated against the US dollar during the period under review , on average , compared to the previous period . The average rand/USdollar exchange rate for the period of 28 December 2020 to 28 January 2021 was 15.0872 compared to 14.9391 during the previous period ," according to the Energy Department Deputy Minister , Thembi Majola.

As it is the norm on the eve of fuel increase , South African motorists will flock to fuel stations tomorrow trying to fill their tanks before prices heads north.

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